An Old Goat On The Move or There And Back Again by Ed Arnold

So you ask me, what is an old goat? Well, an old goat is generally a guy who sometime around the age of 55 starts to slow down and gain weight. This is the beginning of the end – old age is starting its inevitable assault, and the mental and physical ravages of “old” become more and more apparent. Fear not though! There is a cure. The cure while simple is not easy nor is it painless. All you have to do to get out of or prevent old goatism is to get up off that couch an Get On The Move! Yup, it is a far better deal in life to be an Old Goat On The Move rather than just another old retired fart.

Now to get started you need to start walking; working your way up to three miles a day, and for God’s sakes you have heard it a million times, eat a sensible diet such as this one at the Mayo Clinic Heart Healthy Diet

When I arrived in Flagstaff in September of 2010, I weighed in at 256 pounds, much of it (if not most) disgusting fat. I started walking 2 – 5 miles a day in the high mountain air and so far have lost 46 pounds! So get your mind positive, get your body moving, eat right, and I promise you that in six short months you’ll be feeling 100% better.

Now, I’m not stopping there, this Old Goat has big plans for the coming year and my 60th birthday in August. Say, did I mention to ya’ll that I’m in college? Yup, I’m a full-fledged accounting major, going toe-to-toe with all the young kids and I’ll tell you now that being around them kids is the greatest thing ever, it keeps me young. Next week, me and some of my college pals are heading down to Lake Havasu City on the Colorado river for spring break. Outside of just playing on the water and looking at all the hot young babes in bikinis, we are going over to the California side of the river and climbing CupCake Mountain. Figure 2 CupCake Mountain

Figure 3 CupCake Mountain

CupCake Mountain

Now CupCake Mountain is a manly mountain that requires a manly man (or woman) to ascend its sheer sides!

The next couple of things to do on my list of birthday things to do this summer are 1 to climb Mt.’s Eden and Humphreys in the San Francisco peaks outside of Flagstaff and then hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon; spend the night and hike out.

These activities should prepare me for my final bit of Old Goat on the Move Madness for this year. Maybe. This coming Fall 2011, I will be attending Nottingham-Trent University, Nottingham, Great Britain. Now what adventure and excitement will that be for an Old Goat like me? Woo Hoo! Plenty! But, what to do for the summer? There was and is only one answer.

Ride my bike across America and Canada to Boston, Ma where I will catch a flight to Jolly Olde England. I have been following a fellow Steve Garufi on his Facebook page!/stevegarufi as he rides America and have picked up a few tips.

Figure 4 Steve Garufi

I myself shall start mid-May. Leaving from Springerville, Az with my sights set on Roswell, Nm. From Roswell I’ll peddle to Dodge City, Ks and then on to Duluth, Mn, via St. Louis, Mo. Going North from Duluth my route will lead East across Canada, up the St. Lawrence Seaway, than over to St. John, NB and the Bay of Fundy, continuing due South to Boston, Ma., where the adventure continues. Please continue to follow me on Facebook. And any suggestions or tips you might have for this Old Goat on the Move would be greatly appreciated!

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